Environments of Objects

Silica -2019

– Every hour the dispenser ejects silica gel into the space, the original colour of the silica gel is orange and when it fully absorbed the moisture from the air, the colour changes to green. When silica gel falls into water it explodes, makes a ticking sound, and changes to the colour purple. –

Tower of Glasses Build with Water – 2018

– Glasses of water are placed upside down on plastic plates, vacuum. In time the weight of the tower will slowly let the plastic plates bow, some glasses will start to leak. This can take hours or days. At a certain point, the tower will collapse, and then it will be build up again. –

Moister Absorbers -2018/2019

– Moister absorbers transform moister out of the space / air into “water” –

Polyacrylic Acid Powder – 2019

– At the surface there is a volume of polyacrylic acid powder, with a drip irrigation watering system above that. The space contains 1200 gram of powder which can transform to a volume of 120 liters. –

Fragments of the Offline Database


[In proces]
As an aspiration to create the ideal living environment of objects; with the absent of the right courses.
Looking for the alternatives.
The care of storage.
Making a movement as an awareness of the flexibility.
When you don’t take for granted the gathering of quantity as a solution.
The off-database of things.
A failed structure of the environments of objects.


Apprentice Master – Returns From the Web

TAC Eindhoven Apprentice Master Project Kunstpodium-T 2020 Group Exhibition [Participating artists: Joep Caenen, Harm In ’t Groen, Kim Gromoll, Elina Hadjinicola, Anna Hor, Koen Kievits, Christina de Korte, Melanie Maria, Annï Mertens, Pleun Moons, Roos Nieboer, Jet Pronk, Beatrijs Rümke, Mona Schietekat, Iris Schuurs, Floor Snels, Koes Staassen, Roos Vogels and Emmy Zwagers]


Kunstpodium T, Apprentice Master Project 2019: Returns from the Web
Group Exhibition TAC Eindhoven
24/07/2020 – 09/08/2020

Kunstpodium T, Apprentice Master Project 2019 : Inboedel van Opzettelijk Vertoon
Online Exhibition
In collaboration with : Koes Staassen, Beatrijs Rümke, Harm In ’t Groen, Iris Schuurs
11/05/2020 – 24/05/2020

Studio Omstand, Ernstig Geschikt! 2019, Arnhem 
7/9/2019 – 29/9/2019

Senegal Nomadic Academy Project, Maastricht/ Senegal
29/4/2019 – 13/5/2019
B32: To be knocked unconscious, or in more extreme cases, killed by fruit, Maastricht
Les Brasseurs OUTSIDE [HUNGER], Liege
Interdisciplinary workshop/ Exhibition
10/4/2019 – 20/4/2019
Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo
Artistic Research project /  “Official” grant
In collaboration with Floor Martens and Boris Dieleman 
1/3/2018 – 17/12/2018
Instituto Buena Bista, Curacao
Short residency in collaboration with Paul Devens 
16/9/2018 – 30/09/2018
Museumnacht, Maastricht
Installation Centre Céramique – Students Take Over
Dot. Old Hickory Plein, Maastricht
6/11/2017 – 25/11/2017