The Comfortability of Things

It is a fact that we are surrounded by things, objects with certain functions that have already a “purpose” in our society. Things with different values and especially qualities, abilities. I’m always searching for the abilities of things, and I believe that instead of using them the way “the description” says, there is a possibility of transformation where objects can relate to another condition. This “new” condition I call the perfect habitat of the thing.


Kunstpodium T, Apprentice Master Project 2019

Studio Omstand, Ernstig Geschikt! 2019, Arnhem 
7/9/2019 – 29/9/2019

Senegal Nomadic Academy Project, Maastricht/ Senegal
29/4/2019 – 13/5/2019
B32: To be knocked unconscious, or in more extreme cases, killed by fruit, Maastricht
Les Brasseurs OUTSIDE [HUNGER], Liege
Interdisciplinary workshop/ Exhibition
10/4/2019 – 20/4/2019
Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo
Artistic Research project /  “Official” grant
In collaboration with Floor  Martens and Boris Dieleman 
1/3/2018 – 17/12/2018
Instituto Buena Bista, Curacao
Short residency in collaboration with Paul Devens 
16/9/2018 – 30/09/2018
Museumnacht, Maastricht
Installation Centre Céramique – Students Take Over
Dot. Old Hickory Plein, Maastricht
6/11/2017 – 25/11/2017