Selected Work

Prototypes of the Non-logical Spatial Side – 2023

Phase 1.0: visual research project on the Pulse Generator of a Deep Brain Stimulation

The first outcome is a visual observation and belongs to the first phase of this project, focusing on these non-visible objects in the body. In display brain scans and reproductions of an old pulse generator.

A Pulse generator is a programmed battery that is replaced about every 5 years, and is part of a Deep Brain Stimulation. It is a medical device linked to electrodes in the brain, and is used for example as a treatment method for Parkinson’s disease.

Remote: Please Do Not Turn It On or Off -2022

Intrigued by closed systems as isolated spaces of protection.
In display; a water system for mouthwash. 
24 liters of mouthwash guided by 12 tubes are woven through 24 frames of glass, each frame contains 6 perforations. Whenever a tube will crack a tube-guard will protect them. Impulses are sent every 3 minutes by timer to keep the circular movement.  
Integrated systems are based on; 
– The Pulse-generator of a Deep Brain Stimulation 
– The Digital Impression of a Mouthguard 

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is Foto-20-06-2022-om-21.05-768x1024.jpg


Within The Glassbox_Glassbrick – 2021

Site-specific project located in Liege (BE) supported by Artspace Les Brasseurs. Within 2 weeks 22 glass bricks were brought to different locations in Liege carefully picked by mapping. Getting a grasp of a structure using the system of physical encapsulating. As translation: labeled bricks filled with water of the city were displayed and constructed in the window of Les Brasseurs.
Walking around with backpacks filled with glassbricks, to different spaces; lakes, fountains, rivers, a swimming pool and an aquarium to collect water. 


Moved back and fort 22 Times 0,25 of a Second – 2020

“Moved Back and Forth 22 Times in a Second” is referring to the speed of physical movement by data storing an image on a hard drive.
[Apprentice Master Project Kunstpodium-T 2020 Group Exhibition: Returns from the Web – TAC Eindhoven]

Silica – 2019

– Every hour the dispenser ejects silica gel into the space. The original colour of the silica gel is orange. When its fully absorbed by moist from the air, it turns into green. When silica gel falls into water it explodes, makes a ticking sound and turns purple. –

Tower of Glasses Build with Water – 2018

– Glasses of water are placed upside down on plastic plates, vacuum. In time, the weight of the tower will slowly let the plastic plates bow and some glasses will start to leak. This can take hours or days. At a certain point, the tower will collapse in pieces. From the remains it will be build up again. –

Moister Absorbers – 2018/2019

– 100 moister absorbers transform moister from the space / air into “water” –

Polyacrylic Acid Powder – 2019

– At the surface is a volume of polyacrylic acid powder, a drip irrigation watering system is situated above. The space contains 1200 gram of powder, which can transform to 120 kg by water-

Other Projects

The Sacred Space

Interdisciplinary Making Days Inversie, WOLK and jump! @ Kruisruimte Eindhoven In collaboration with Rick van Strien, Isamo Thissen and Cube Pictures: Marcel van Buck


Inversie Talenthub 
Kunstloc Brabant
Guidance trajectory for young visual artist
15/03/2023 -15/12/2023

Sacred Mud
De Kruisruimte Eindhoven
Group exhibition/ Makers days
Performance with Rick van Strien, Isamo Thissen and Cube
15/09/2023 -17/09/2023

Under Soft Constructions
Inversie – De Fabriek Eindhoven
Group exhibition with Jesse Fischer, Berendine Veermans,
Isamo Thissen, Niels Roest & Qiaochu Guo
15/09/2023 -17/09/2023

Kunstcamping “de Chloorie”
Inversie – Kunstpodium-T Tilburg
Group exhibition with Jesse Fischer, Berendine Veermans,
Isamo Thissen, Niels Roest & Qiaochu Guo
16/07/2023 -30/07/2023

The Big Art and Tiny Golf Disco Exhibition
Inversie – Witte Rook Stadsgalerij Breda
Group exhibition
with Jesse Fischer, Berendine Veermans,
Isamo Thissen, Niels Roest & Qiaochu Guo
12/05/2023 -13/05/2023

Prototypes of the Non-logical Spatial Side
Hedendaags Kunstkabinet – ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Solo exhibition
22/04/2023 – 21/05/2023

Glazen Ruimte, Glazen Stenen: Met Water in Kaart Gebracht – Almelo
KunstTorentje, Almelo
Installation/ site- specific project
22/10/2022 – 04/12/2022
Find Us in the In-between: Remote Please Do Not Turn it Off or One
Master Graduation Show MIVC, ‘s-Hertogenbosch
30/06/2022 – 03/07/2022

GLASSBOX_GLASSBRICK, Mapping Liege by Water
Antennes Jeunes Artistes, Les Brasseurs Liege
Installation / site-specific project
06/11/2021 – 18/12/2021

Papier Hier: Inkt-Papier
Koninklijke Bibliotheek Den Haag
Installation/live painting
06/11/2021 – 18/12/2021

Cartographies of the Vanishing Now: 100 Grounds of ENCI
Module Ecology Futures MIVC ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Site-specific project/ installation

Apprentice Master Project 2019: Returns from the Web
Group Exhibition at TAC Eindhoven
24/07/2020 – 09/08/2020

Apprentice Master Project 2019 : Inboedel van Opzettelijk Vertoon
In collaboration with : Koes Staassen, Beatrijs Rümke, Harm In ’t Groen, Iris Schuurs
Kunstpodium T, Tilburg
Online Exhibition
11/05/2020 – 24/05/2020

Ernstig Geschikt 2019: Silica
Studio Omstand, Arnhem
Group exhibition
7/09/2019 – 29/09/2019

Hier Zouden Rozen Moeten Staan
Bachelor Graduation Show MAFAD, Maastricht
04/07/2019 – 07/07/2019

Senegal Nomadic Academy Project
MAFAD, Maastricht/Senegal
Artistic Research Project
29/04/2019 – 13/05/2019
To be knocked unconscious, or in more extreme cases, killed by fruit
B32, Maastricht
Group Exhibition – Video fragment
OUTSIDE [HUNGER]: The Elevator
Les Brasseurs, Liege
Interdisciplinary workshop/ Exhibition
10/4/2019 – 20/4/2019

De Schenking  
Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo
Artistic Research project /  “Official” grant
In collaboration with Floor Martens and Boris Dieleman 
1/3/2018 – 17/12/2018

Instituto Buena Bista, Curacao
Short residency in collaboration with Paul Devens 
16/9/2018 – 30/09/2018
Students Take Over: Throw away
Museumnacht – Centre Céramique, Maastricht
Group exhibition – Installation
Dot. – WAX
Old Hickory Plein, Maastricht
Group exhibition – Installation
6/11/2017 – 25/11/2017